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The Living Wild

The Living Wild calls us back to our most authentic and wild selves. It's about discovering our inherent true nature that is not separate from all of nature itself. It encourages us in re-finding our purpose and path while uncovering the Living Wild within and without.


Living Wild Wellness is based on the philosophy that the deeper we connect into ourselves and nature, the more benefit we can provide to the Earth and ourselves.

This deeper connection happens through healing work. There is an importance in the transformational journey of inner reflection, emotional work, and physical wellness on this path.


Living Wild As A Lifestyle is about reclaiming daily practices that connect us with our wild, earth-based nature. 

Growing plants, time in nature, herbs for medicine, journaling outside.

In the mental/emotional realm it can be helpful to bring light to internal conditionings that have held us back from true expression. 

Join me in workshops or sessions to deeply uncover the Living Wild within ourselves and without.

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