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In Living Wild workshops, the wisdom of nature leads and guides the way. These workshops combine both herbal plant medicine and ecotherapy practices. We will dive deep into Plant Medicine, Ecotherapy and Nature-Connection Practices, Intuitive Plant Healing, along with interacting and getting to know Wild Plants in the Rocky Mountains. In some workshops, we will also learn the practice of ethical wild-crafting and medicine-making.

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A Return to Our Wild Nature Workshop Series:

This is a time of transformation on both personal and global levels. In this  two part workshop series we will delve into ways to return to our roots through unique approaches with plant medicine and nature connection. Both of these healing modalities allow us to re-find deeper alignment with who we truly are.

This work involves healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels and nature and plants are profound allies on this journey.

In this two part series we will engage Earth as teacher and wisdom keeper. Asking ourselves: 'what is our inner landscape and how is that affecting our outside world?' 


In Ecotherapy Module (July 9th 10-1pm) we will learn:

  • Level 1 & 2 Ecotherapy Work

  • Intersection of Indigenous Wisdom/Culture & Ecotherapy

  • Nature-Connection Sensory Practices

  • Ancestral and Inter-species relational Protocols for Ecotherapy work

  • Nature Journaling

  • Elemental Meditation

In Plant Medicine Module (July 23rd 10-1pm in the Poudre Canyon) we will learn:

  • Intuitive Plant Healing Approach

  • Heart Healing with Flower Essences

  • Energetics of Plant Medicine

  • Rocky Mountain Wild Plants in this region

  • Make our own Wild Mountain Plant infused Apple Cider Vinegar

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