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Grapefruit Cardamom Bitters

Herbal Bitters are amazing for overall digestive health and healing. Bitters are often made with roots like Dandelion Root, Oregon Grape Root or Gentian Root. Traditionally, they were taken before big meals to jumpstart digestive processes and avoid digestive issues while aiding the liver and gallbladder in function as well. Aromatic bitters can also be used in many different cocktails or mocktails.


In this recipe I used:

Fresh Grapefruit Rind

Fresh Basil

Fresh Motherwort

Fresh Catnip

Oregon Grape Root




One of the easiest ways to make this is by chopping all fresh herbs and the citrus rind. Fill a Mason jar with the herbs and then completely cover with Vodka (80-90 proof). Let this sit for 2-4 weeks and shake daily. After that time, strain and use before meals or use in cocktails:)


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