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The Great Turning.

Updated: May 8, 2021

This is a term coined by Joanna Macy to acknowledge the shift we are in from an exploitative, industrial-based system, to a sustainable-based, life affirming system.


In Ecotherapy and Nature Connection practices, we engage to rediscover our own true nature in direct experience with nature and Earth. Asking ourselves 'what is our inner landscape and how is that affecting our outside world?' This healing work has the ability to transform the human psyche and then affect the way that we interact with the ecology we live in and know.

It is also a time of returning to Earth and sustainable ways of living and giving. Another aspect of Ecotherapy is in asking how we can give back to the Earth, and not only how the Earth gives to us.


This can be in tangible ways that we are mindful in lifestyle of our environmental, and ecological imprint. But, this is also assessing and implementing practices that maintain a mental/emotional state that enables conscious awareness and emotional healing.


All living organisms strive to regain balance and homeostasis. Our work personally and collectively has to be to assist in this re-balance for Earth and ourselves.


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